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Untitled (Ancient Bird)

Part of “Returning to Nature”, Botanical Garden, Jerusalem
Curator: Hadas Maor

The work of Moshe Roas is made up of a mix of materials, which coalesce together into an undefined form. The structural logic at the base of his work hints at the presence of a body, and the sculpture seems like a broken syntax of organs or bones. Roas’ process is based on the accumulation of materials from different sources, which he then subjects in his studio to processes of disintegration, etching and extraction until he finally rejoins them with other materials. The layers of materials then add up through actions like weaving, sewing and tying. Roas’ work grapples with the transiency of materials and with the passage of time as two phenomena that have a transformative potential. Many of his creations question the concept of degradation, thereby posing existential questions.

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