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Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv
Curator: Irena Gordon

Moshe Roas' works are in a continuous process of auto-deconstruction and reconstruction. His work is self-conscious, and formulates a rhetoric of negation, through which it examines the relation between the material, and the ambivalent, evasive consciousness it carries within itself. In this first solo-exhibition, Roas, a graduate of the Textile Design Department at Shenkar College, examines textile as a space of time and memory by being attached to the human body, its history and culture. As he tracks textile's layers and narratives, those material texts concealed inside it, he continues to its rigid opposite – metal – and breathes life into it, as well as fragility and agility reminiscent of those of soft fabric, that can be tied and unraveled. Roas renounces closed forms or images, spreads the endless continuity hidden in the fabric, and finds it also in the metal, whose sharp edges he unravels. Continue Reading

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