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Under the Press of History

Jerusalem Print Workshop
Curator: Irena Gordon

Moshe Roas is an artist working as an archeologist of matter: he unfolds its strata and boundaries, examines the time and memory concealed within it and within the objects it produces, and the manner in which all these are revealed to us. While studying textile design at Shenkar College, Roas was already disassembling and dissolving weaves and carpets, until he was left with only their outlines. He then put them back together to produce a new object. In his eyes, a hole in the carpet constituted a channel through which one could grasp the carpet as a subjective entity inside the house and perceive concepts like childhood and identity. At the same time, by studying the internal structure of the luffa plant, Roas turned it into a drawing tool, disassembling and reassembling its torn parts with a heat press. Continue Reading

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