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Studio Dairy

Part of "Serial Process", The New Gallery Teddy, Jerusalem
Curator: Tamar Gispan-Greenberg

The main focus of the exhibition Serial Process on display at the New Gallery Teddy is series of prints. Artists and printmakers often opt to create series as a means to develop thematic and figurative language. The work on a series, which often spans years and sometimes an entire lifetime, reaches completion once the artist feels he or she has fully developed the artistic research. Aiming to examine the serial quality and its significance in the field of printmaking, the exhibition showcases complete series as well as series in the midst of a continual process. The presentation of the series offers a glimpse into the artistic strategy and techniques of the artists, raising important questions with regard to the completeness of a piece, the significance of a series as a whole, and the significance of a single print within a series. Continue Reading

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