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Flexibility Exercises

Final exhibition Hamidrasha Faculty of Art, Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv

Curator:Nogah Davidson

Moshe Roas presents a body of sculptures made from a combination of materials that come together to form one undefined shape. The placement of the works within the space brings to mind a body as the sculptures resemble a distorted array of organs and bones. The sequence of actions taken by Roas is that of accumulation, dissolution and fusion. His materials are created by a process of connecting objects he collects from his immediate environment in an almost chemical manner. Some of the works presented in the exhibition are made of materials he collected during the time he lived on the beach in Palmachim and collected materials from the sea - fishing nets, driftwood, rope, shells, iron bars and more. In the studio, these materials undergo a process of detachment, chemical burning, pressing and binding anew with other materials such as self-produced textiles and welded metals. The materials of the work are layered by employing crafts such as weaving, sewing and knot-tying, a set of tools that Roas brings from his training in techniques of textile creation. Continue Reading

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